2020 Residency

Applications for 2020 are Open!

The application process for the 2020 Goetemann Artist Residency is now open for submissions.

Here’s your important roadmap:

Step 1: Read about the Residency, the studio and setting here. It’s our Residency online home page.

Step 2: Read about How to Apply here.

You’ll need to submit through the SmarterEntry system — details are on the How-to-Apply page, so be sure to read that and get the link to it there.

Above are some highlights from 2019.

Looking forward to seeing your application this year.

Questions about the Residency, write to info.garesidency@gmail.com.

Technical questions about the Smarter Entry system should be sent here: entry@rockyneckartcolony.org.

Good luck!

2019 Residency

JJ Baker, October 2019 Artist

Where did 2019 go?  Seems like we were just jurying artists and, suddenly, there’s JJ Baker, our October artist, giving his closing talk.

Few residents have reached so deep into the community as JJ has. He gave our Monday life drawing group a class on drawing portraits:


He painted portraits of many of us in the community (each holding their “original JJ” at the closing talk):


He not only gave his closing talk, but stuck around an extra few days to host a pop-up gallery on Madfish Wharf.


Time to pack up, head home and get ready for next year. Bookmark this blog and our website home page, where there will be updates about the 2020 Residency application process by the end of the year.

2019 Residency

2019 Residency Winding Down

At least, the Goetemann Artist Residency is at the end of its season. On Thursday, October 24, JJ Baker will give his Closing Talk at the Goetemann Studio on Madfish Wharf (7 PM).

BUT, he’s going to run. pop-up of his work in the studio through Saturday. Jason Burroughs, May Gloucester Invitational Artist, also has his gallery there. So does Stephen Lapierre. So swing by this last weekend in October. The Studio restaurant closes Saturday evening—half off everything til then.

Remember Matt Trueman and his horns out at the Paint Factory/Ocean Alliance? One horn made it through the one-two punch of double nor’easters this month. But they live on in his wonderful video.  See it here

2019 Residency

Environmental Artist’s September

Matthew Trueman has had a busy month—and he’s still at it. You can visit him at Ocean Alliance to check on progress of the “horns.” Matt is harnessing the movement of waves and wind to create amplified sound through these horns. They’ll be positioned so you can stick your ear in to hear, but you’ll be looking down.  Remember: The audio’s the thing

Below: Matt’s Opening Talk at The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck with the horn prototype:

Here are scenes from the Residency Dinner for Matt and Environmental Artist Sponsor Karen Ristuben (thanks again, Karen!):

In situ at Ocean Alliance on September 19:

Don’t forget to join us for Matt’s Closing Talk, September 26, at Ocean Alliance (32 Horton St., Gloucester) at 6PM.