2018 Workshop

Workshop Details

Figure Exploration:

Expressing Narrative through Color, Composition and Gesture

This four-day workshop aims to develop an expressive painting that tells a story. We will spend the first two days studying gestures and drawing from life, playing with different materials and working with collage, to set up compelling color and composition studies.
In the second half of the workshop, students will use the studies and personal imageries and reference photos to create their own figurative narratives.
In this workshop, we will talk about using color as an expression, exploring compositions that draw the viewers in, and play with different ways of image-making and building up the surface.
Day 1 and 2

Sharpie Permanent Markers (Assorted colors, 21+ count)

Basic Gouache set (12+ colors, recommended Holbein, but cheaper set is fine)
Color pencils
Palette for color mixing
Assorted brushes
Jars/cups for water
(acrylic is an acceptable substitute for Gouache)
Exacto Knife
Large Glue Sticks or small bottle of PVA (Polyvinyl acetate) Glue
1 pad of sketch or multi-media drawing paper (11×14 or 14×17, 20+ sheets, they are usually $10-13/pad for 50-60 sheets)
(2) Bristol Paper 18″x24″
Day 3 and 4
Optional:  if desired, students can chose to work on canvas for the following days or use the 18″x24″ Bristol paper/gouache for the latter half of the workshop.
(1) 18″x24″ canvas
Oil or Acrylic painting supplies (paint, brushes..etc)
—Kathy Liao
Questions? Drop a note to: info.GAResidency at gmail.com

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