2018 Resident Artists

Terry Del Percio

By Terry Del Percio

Gloucester resident Terry del Percio is the 2018 Gloucester Invitational Artist. A painter, Terry will be in residence May 1-26.

Opening Conversation May 3rd, 7pm
At the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson St. Gloucester

Closing Talk May 29, 7pm

Terry del Percio at closing talk

Closing talks take place at the Goetemann Residency Studio, 77 Rocky Neck Ave, Unit 10, Gloucester

The Gloucester Invitational Artist Residency was created by former Director Ruth Mordecai as a gift to a deserving Gloucester artist. Applicants do not apply for this residency: They are nominated and juried by our Goetemann Artist Residency committee.

A New York transplant, Terry has lived in Gloucester for the past 15 years. Refusing to put labels on her painting style, Terry suggests it lands somewhere between abstraction and expressionism. Her work is driven by deep emotion and internal conversations.

A self-taught artist, Terry was chosen by the Residency Committee as the 2018 Gloucester Invitational Artist because of her determination to pursue a love of painting after life in the business world. Paintings alive with color and a playful sense of humor infuse Terry’s work and endear her to the Gloucester art community.

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