2018 Resident Artists

Maggie Dubris

Sound artist, composer and writer Maggie Dubris will be the first Goetemann Artist Resident for the 2018 season. She will be in residence June 2-30.

Opening Conversation:  Held June 4 at 7pm
At the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson St., Gloucester

Maggie Dubris recording in Taos, NM

From the Opening Conversation: Maggie’s enthusiasm is infectious.  Most of us probably looked up the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Sound Recording Workshop when we got home—Maggie made it seem so exciting. She learned many basics during her workshop stint with Cornell in New Mexico.  She generously shared her equipment list with us:

Roland R-26 digital audio recorder  
Portabrace AR26 field case
SanDisk 16GB Extreme SDHC (type 10
Sennheiser K6 Microphone Power Module
Sennheiser ME66 shotgun microphone capsule 
Rycote Softie pistolgrip/shockmount windscreen kit
Sennheiser headphones (any decent headphones will do)
4’ microphone XLR to XLR cable 
I also got a battery charger for AA batteries but ended up just buying and using regular batteries as the rechargeable ones didn’t hold the charge long enough. so I wouldn’t bother getting that.
I just got a DolphinEAR PRO hydrophone with a 10 meter cable for recording underwater and also under sand or earth (you dig a hole and you can hear the sounds of the creatures there)
And I have a Handy Recorder H2 ZOOM that is a much cheaper option for field recording and makes quite good recordings. It’s also good if you want to do oral history or record live music.
You don’t have to go to New Mexico—pick Maggie’s brain until the end of June at the Goetemann Residency Studio at 77 Rocky Neck Ave. And be sure to attend Maggie’s closing talk on the 28th.

Closing Talk: June 28 at 7pm
At the Goetemann Residency Studio, 77 Rocky Neck Ave, Unit 10, Gloucester

Maggie’s Closing Talk was as infectious as her Opening Talk. She was able to record at a number of sites nearby, including Cape Pond Ice, Gloucester Marine Railways and Niles Pond. With her long hydrophone dropped over the side of Bill Moody’s boat, she could capture a range of noises under the surface of Gloucester Harbor on what seemed like a very quiet day: sonar, a distant passing boat.

F01EC71C-F36F-4503-B9BE-AEE65D825845Maggie’s promised to keep us abreast of what she will concoct from her recordings of birds, boats and the world under water.

Maggie Dubris at work

Maggie lives in New York City and began working with sound that was not originally meant to be musical, combining multiple elements into immersive audio as part of multimedia installations. Her soundscape work with artists Linda Byrne, Scott Gillis, and Sang-ah Choi has been exhibited in New York NY, Pittsburgh PA, Portland OR, and was featured in the longlist/ catalogue for The International Sea exhibition in Oronsko, Poland.

Two years ago she began doing field recording as part of a week-long workshop with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and has continued recording in urban and remote settings. For her Gloucester residency, she will be doing both field and underwater recordings to create a new piece inspired by the way birds and marine mammals hear the world.

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