2018 Resident Artists

Deborah Redwood

Deborah at work:  it’s been a busy month for Deborah as her whale tail has taken shape. Some of us have become quite well acquainted with the junk and metal dealers around Cape Ann (who knew there were so many!) as we’ve helped Deborah scout for materials. Don’t forget to join us tonight for the unveiling of Dive Deep Within.  


Opening Talk, September 4: Fresh from airplane hops across the globe from Australia, Deborah Redwood gave us a great overview of her work. She’s a scientist by training, and is fearless about attacking the twin demons of entropy (briefly, a gradual decline into disorder) and climate change. Her sculptures reflect the delicacy

of underwater sea fans and the beleaguered Coral Reef in Australia. Deborah’s a surfer and a diver, so the sea is of great importance to her. Her participation in the Goetemann Artist Residency is part of her Master’s program — help her out by visiting the Ocean Alliance site this month and providing feedback.


In September, Goetemann Artist Residency program welcomes its second Environmental Installation Artist, Deborah Redwood. A sculptor and installation artist from Australia, Deborah will be working on site at the end of Rock Neck at the Ocean Alliance.

Starfish, by Deborah Redwood. Steel (found objects)

Adept at construction and metalworking, Deborah submitted a proposal that thrilled all on the selection committee: to weld a metal sculpture related to the research work done by Ocean Alliance.

A graduate of the College of Fine Arts (Sydney), Deborah has exhibited over the past decade in group and solo shows in Australia, Japan, China, India and the US. She uses recycled materials, particularly metal.

Deborah’s statement about Starfish (above): “…like any other marine animal with an exoskeleton, the starfish has created [its exockeleton] from calcium in the sand. Sand is the accumulation of a collection of other dead animals that have decayed. In the same way the starfish created by me is a collection of broken objects welded together to create something new.”

A special shout out to Gloucester’s own J&L Welding for helping with some necessary tools for Deborah’s work during her stay.

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