2018 Resident Artists, 2018 Workshop

Wrap-up, 2018 Goetemann Artist Residency

Time flies when you’re having fun and are surrounded by great art!

Terry Del Percio, Gloucester Invitational Artist, May

Terry is a local Gloucester artist whose work ranges from delightful drawings to large complex paintings (above left). Her closing talk took place in the Goetemann Artist Studio on Madfish Wharf

Maggie Dubris, Goetemann Residency Artist, June

Maggie was our first sound artist. By layering sounds, she creates audio environments. Not only did she drop her 10-meter hydrophone in the Gloucester Harbor, but she experimented at Niles pond as well.

Martin Swift, Goetemann Residency Artist, July

A resident of Washington’s, DC, Martin works in oil, focusing on haunting figurative works of friends and relatives (well, he started a portrait of his father for the first time while he was in the Residency).

Kathy Liao, 2018 Goetemann Distinguished Artist Teacher Workshop. August 6-9

Teacher Kathy Liao at top left and her students.

Deborah Redwood, Environmental Installation Artist, September

Visiting from Australia, Deborah scoured Cape Ann for metal objects that she could then deconstruct and weld into the graceful whale tail. Situated at Ocean Alliance, the tail wobbles gently in the wind. Her name for the piece: Dive Deep Within.

Azita Moradkhani , Goetemann Residency Artist, October

Born in Tehran, Azita has been on a year-and-a-half residency pilgrimage—she’s crossing the country, working on her art. Along the way, she’s getting to know Americans and letting them get to know her, someone from Iran. Her delicate work blends political and social statements.

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