2019 Residency

Preview for 2019 Goetemann Artist Residency

The application process for 2019 is now closed.

Curious about last year? Visit the Wrap-up, 2018 Goetemann Artist Residency.

We are set in an idyllic, and inspiring, seaside location on the working harbor of Gloucester, Massachusetts:



The Artist Studio offers a quiet live/work space:


In addition to three, month-long residences for selected artists, we also offer an Environmental Artist Residency.

Feedback from 2018 Artist Maggie Dubris:

I want to thank everyone for being so generous and welcoming! I had wondered if it might be kind of lonely being the only resident, but you were all so lovely and helpful. I felt so at home, and as if I made some real friends. To be in a place where art is everywhere, and so valued, was tremendously inspiring. What a gift the residency was—I will treasure my memories of it forever!!
For more information on the history of the Goetemann Artist Residency, read our About us.

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