2019 Residency

Jason Burroughs Closing Talk

A lovely evening to see all the work that Jason accomplished during his month-long residency — and he accomplished a lot.

He spent as much time as possible painting outdoors, sometimes with local artists Caleb Stone and Stephen LaPierre.

In his own words: “Painting’s a process. I spent about 1 to 3 hours on each painting. I’m trying to get truth in my paintings: atmosphere and changes. This residency was a big push to give me a purpose.”

It’s hard to maintain the support that a young artist gets from teachers and peers in art school. Jason used every minute of his residency to build a support network and to get the work done.

And, he says: “It’s a blast being around Rocky Neck.”

Jason Burroughs with Dawn Steele Dexter.

Special moment: The sister-in-law of Residency founder Gordon Goetemann attended. Dawn Steele Dexter, Judy Goetemann’s sister, added the perfect ending to the evening: “I know Gordy would be so proud.”


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