2019 Residency

Opening Talk: Eeva Siivonen

Pay attention to the small things. Practice empathy. Be in nature. That’s Eeva, our July Goetemann Artist Resident. Originally from Helsinki, she now lives in Canada, where she’s finishing a doctorate in film (“I like to be challenged,” she says).

She challenged us. An adherent of “show, don’t tell,” Eeva ran for us her 13-minute film, Black River. I could talk about the layers in the work—voice-over in Finnish, subtitles in English, sounds of nature recognizable and not, imagery that’s out of a dream and starkly realistic—but that’s not doing the work of Eeva justice. Settle into a comfortable chair, darken the room and take this evocative trip for yourself on Vimeo

When not filming, Eeva will be working in the Goetemann Studio on Madfish Wharf, and she welcomes human intrusion. Stop by, ask questions. You’ll be astonished by this thoughtful young artist. She’s only here for a month! Her closing talk is Thursday, July 25 at 7 PM at the Goetemann Studio.



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