2019 Residency

September Artist Matthew Trueman

Join us Tuesday, September 3, as we introduce Environmental/Installation artist Matthew Trueman.

trueman_headshot_2018The Goetemann Artist Resident for September, Matt will be giving his opening talk upstairs at The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck (6 Wonson St.) at 7 PM.

According to Matthew, a central theme of his work is an exploration of space using our ears, as opposed to our eyes, as the primary source of information.
Trueman_Sun Wheel Still2Matthew’s Instruments for Landscapes series aims to allow us to listen closer by making sound. To do this the sculpture, and ultimately the listener, must absorb, respond and harmonize with the elemental and ecological sounds of the coastline.

The sculpture that Matthew will create on-site at Ocean Alliance this month will power itself using energy from the wind, water or the sun to create an output that works like a telescope, allowing listeners access into the depth of the soundscape around them.

Hear Matthew’s plans on Tuesday, and visit him on-site at Ocean Alliance (32 Horton St.) in September. His closing talk on September 26 takes place at Ocean Alliance at 6 PM.

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