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Goetemann Artist Residency

Renamed in 2010 in honor of its founder, artist Gordon Goetemann, this prestigious residency at Rocky Neck Art Colony provides each of three visual artists and one environmental/installation artist with a four-week stay in a live-work studio with access to the rich cultural community of Gloucester, MA.

Selected artists demonstrate a high-caliber of work, originality and seriousness of purpose, and are expected to give opening and closing talks as a part of the Goetemann (pronounced get-a-min) program.

Environmental/Installation Artist: Since 2017, this program has brought art out of the studio to make it both visible and accessible to the public. We encourage the creation of site-specific installations that engage the public and draw attention to questions and challenges posed by environmental policies, politics, and/or social change.

Through our partnerships with local non-profits and community programs, artists are asked to respond creatively to the concerns of the greater Gloucester/Cape Ann Community.


Gloucester Invitational Residency Program: Established in 2015, this one month residency is offered by committee invitation to an inspiring and highly deserving local Gloucester artist. It is understood that artistic inspiration can be difficult to attain when work and family take precedence.

The artist is provided with a live-work studio for one month.

Invitational Artists:

2018: Terry del Percio

2017: Stevens Brosnihan

2016: Phoebe Potts

2015: Jeffrey Marshall


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