2020 Residency

Goodbye, Sophy. Goodbye, 2020

With the unveiling of the mural at Ocean Alliance on September 29, we bid Environmental Installation Artist Sophy Tuttle goodbye as well as the entire 2020 Residency year.

What a year it’s been. Sophy was our only Resident this year as Covid meant we had to cancel the rest of the program. But — most of the artists selected for this year are able to try to come next year, so we end the year with lots of good hope.

Enjoy these pictures from the whale mural’s unveiling at Ocean Alliance and this brief video of all of us “smiling!”

2020 Residency

Environmental Artist Update Pictures — Rocky Neck and Elsewhere

Zoom link for Sophy’s Concluding talk here:


Sophy Tuttle, the Environmental Artist for the Goetemann Artist Residency program (the only artist for this troubled year), has been busy at Ocean Alliance:

But wait, there’s more! Sophy took the last few days off to participate in an international project that matches muralists to projects in specific locations. She’s been working in East Boston at the Sea Walls Artists for Oceans project. Here’s what she’s been working on:

Save the Date: Sophy’s Wrap-Up talk will be held at Ocean Alliance on September 29 at 4 PM. If you can make it in person, there should be plenty of room for social distancing — bring your mask! Or, follow the event on Zoom via this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85966092550.

2020 Residency

Q&A with Sophy Tuttle

Join us for a live Q&A via Zoom with Sophy Tuttle, the 2020 Goetemann Artist Residency Environmental/Installation Artist.

Sophy is working at Ocean Alliance to beautify and whale-ify the shipping container that houses their Robotics Lab. See her in progress below:

Sophy at work at Ocean Alliance

Please watch the interview with Sophy where she talks about her plans: Sophy Tuttle Interview. Then be sure to join our live Q&A on Zoom at 4PM Wednesday, September 9: here’s the link and information:

Join Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 748 293 6031 
Passcode: 740725 

—Janice and Sophy

2020 Residency

Talks for September Resident

Although the rest of our Goetemann Artist Residency program for 2020 had to be cancelled for this year, the Environmental Installation Artist Sophy Tuttle is still coming! She’ll be working outdoors at Ocean Alliance, painting the heretofore not-too-pretty shipping container where Ocean Alliance houses its Robotics Club.

Sophy’s Introductory Talk on YouTube is here: Introductory Talk with Sophy Tuttle

On September 9 at 4PM, we will host a live Zoom Q&A with Sophy. Enjoy her opening statements, then plan to attend the Q&A. (Zoom link to be provided shortly.)

Sophy’s Closing Talk will take place at Ocean Alliance at 4PM September 29 (that will be a live event — bring your mask! —and Zoomed as well).

About the Artist:

5BB28C30-EC4E-472C-8561-626936BBBF4FSophy Tuttle is a visual artist born in Colchester, England. She received her BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design in 2008 and MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from the University of Hartford Art School in 2019. She currently resides in Massachusetts.

From Sophy Tuttle’s Artist Statement:

My paintings and installations examine humanity’s collective priorities for the planet. I draw upon disparate inspirations such as the aesthetic and methodology of the natural sciences or the compositional strategies of the Mexican muralismo movement. 

I always begin with a certain genre of questioning. For example, we have relied on the idea of Aristotle’s hierarchy of species to place ourselves above all others in every decision we make. What would it look like if we inverted this hierarchy? In this vein, each piece that I produce is a catalyst for conversation, collaboration and activism. 


Rocky Neck Art Colony’s partner is Ocean Alliance, a global leader in research and education related to the conservation of whales and the ocean — right in our backyard at the end of Horton Street.

2020 Residency

The 2020 GAR Program

What a tough year this has been. We have decided to cancel all but the September Environmental/Installation residencies for 2020.

As the Environmental artist will be working outside onsite at Ocean Alliance, we feel that she can be safely accommodated there. We’ll post updates as we expect to have Zoom or live talks by the artist in September.

Although we are sad to lose our 2020 residents, all is not lost. So far, they have all agreed to postpone their appointments to stay, work at and enjoy Rocky Neck in 2021.

Updates will be posted here and on the Rocky Neck weekly newsletter.